Regenerations 2016

A selection of photos from Regenerations 2023, courtesy of our attendees

Sylvester McCoy and Sean Carlsen
Annette Woolett and Matthew Waterhouse
Sean in the Tardis
Jo Martin
Sylvester McCoy and Sean Carlsen (photo via Sean) 

Annette Woolett and Matthew Waterhouse (photo by Stephen Broome)

Sean in the Tardis (photo via Sean)

Peter Purves (photo by Stephen)
Frances and Michael
Katy and Dalek in the photostudio
Terry and David
Wendy and Frazer

Frances Barber and Michael Jayston (photo by Adrian Farmer)

Katy Manning and Dalek (photo by Adrian) 

Terry Molloy and David Banks (photo by Adrian)

Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines (photo by Adrian)
Colin Baker
Katy and John

Sophie Aldred (photo by Adrian)

Colin Baker (photo by Adrian) 

Katy Manning and John Levene (photo by Adrian )

Sylvester McCoy (photo by Adrian)
Jon Davey with Cyberman head
Frazer Hines
Artist and illustrator Jeff Cummins
Colin Spaull and Peter Purves at the closing ceremony

Jon Davey (photo by Ava)

Frazer Hines (photo by Adrian)

Jeff Cummins (photo by Ava)

Colin Spaull and Peter Purves (photo by Ava)
Cosplayer Timelords
Sylvester and his Hobbit shirt
Graham Cole with steward Ava
Rob and Keith at the closing ceremony

Timelord/Lady (photo by Ava)

I was in The Hpbbit you know (photo by Adrian)
Graham Cole 
Graham Cole and Ava (photo by Ava) 

Writers Rob Shearman and Keith Temple (photo by Ava)
Dalek in Starbucks
Rob Shearman
David Bickerstaff interviews Peter
Sean Carlsen

Daleks raid Starbucks (photo by Mark Freshney)

Organiser Cary and Colin Baker (photo by Ava)

Peter interviewed by David Bickerstaff (photo by Adrian)

Colin Spaull (photo by Adrian)
The closing ceremony
Closing ceremony
Cary thanks the guests
The guests

It's the end...

(photos by Adrian)

...but the moment has been prepared for

Farewell from Regenerations 2023


 Stay tuned for the return of galleries from past Regenerations

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