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Event Update: Well, that's it. Grateful thanks to all our guests, attendees, interviewers, stewards, dealers, cosplayers, Daleks, the Village Hotel and anyone we may have missed, we hope you all had fun. Although this was the last Regenerations we may look at running smaller one day events, stay tuned! In the meantime, there is a gallery of photos here 


Guest Update: We regret to announce that Jo Martin has contracted Covid and has reluctantly decided she cannot join us at Regenerations. Jo sends her love and apologies and we wish her a speedy recovery. 

Event Update: Here are the timings and other information for Regenerations. Friday 22nd: Registration desk will be open from 4-6pm to collect your registration packs. Saturday 23rd: Registration desk opens at 6.30am until 5.30pm. Sunday 24th: Desk open from 7.30am until 12 midday. 

Event timings: Doors open for the convention area on Saturday 23rd at 8.15am, with the schedule commencing at 9am for the main convention hall, autograph studio, photo studio and dealers area. The day's event concludes at 6pm. At 9.30pm Reece Connolly will be performing a 30 minute comedy sketch show. On Sunday 24th doors open at 8.15am and the event concludes at 5pm

Autographs: One free with the majority of guests. You will need to bring along something for the guest to sign. You can also purchase photos from the guests, which will be priced between 10-20 - if purchasing a photo the guest will sign this also. 100% of the purchase goes to the guest - Regenerations does not take a percentage. There are no selfies/photographs in the autograph studio to ensure queues move along as there is a lot to get through over the weekend. 

Photograph studio: Some actors will be grouped together to provide value for money, and the studio will have a full-size Hartnell-era Tardis console to have your photo taken with. The professional photographer charges 20 for an A4 print supplied in a card protective cover. For clarity, the photo is 20 regardless of the number of attendees and guests in the shot, so for example you and a friend could be photographed with thee guests and the price for the photo will still be 20, payable directly to the photographer. 

Schedules: As there are always last-minute adjustments, schedules will not be available prior to the event. Regenerations will have multiple activities taking place simultaneously throughout the weeken, so come prepared to be busy! Guests: You will have multiple opportunitis for autographs/photos/talks over the weekend, so please respect the guests' privacy when they are socialising in the public area, though by all means say hello.   

Please have a fantastic time and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

AUGUST 2023 

Guest Update: We regret to announce that Anneke Wills will no longer be attending Regenerations.

MAY 2023 

Event Update: Regenerations 2023 is SOLD OUT! To add your name to the waiting list please contact us via the email address on the booking page.

Guest Update: We're deligted to welcome two writers to Regenerations - Rob Shearman  (Dalek) and Keith Temple (Planet of the Ood). We will also be joined by Big Finish who'll be bringing along Sean Carlsen and Tim Treloar (voice of The Third Doctor).  

Event Update: On Saturday our evening entertainment will be Graham Cole performing hos one man show. Tockets are 10 with 100% of the proceeds going to the actor. Following this, comedian Reece Connolly will be doing his very funny and entertaining Doctor Who act. 


Guest Update: It's our great pleasure to welcome Jo Martin to Regenerations. Jo played the Fugitive Doctor in 'Fugitive of the Judoon', 'Flux' and 'The Power of the Doctor'. Jo will be appearing on the Sunday only. 

Event Update: This year's photo studio will feature a replica Hartnell Tardis console, so you can have a photo with a guest of your choice 'flying' the Tardis. Where possible, actors will be grouped together to give value for money.   


Guest Update: It's our pleasure to welcome Annette Woollett to Regenerations. Annette played Adelaide Lesage opposite Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor in The Horror of Fang Rock.

Guest Update: We're delighted to welcome Matthew Waterhouse to Regenerations. Matthew played Adric opposite Tom Baker's Fourth and Peter Davison's Fifth Doctors and was the first major companion to be killed in the show, trying to prevent a freighter crashing into the Earth at the end of Earthshock.   

MAY 2022
Guest Update:
It's our pleasure to welcome Katy Manning and John Levene. Katy played Jo Grant opposite Jon Pertwee's Doctor and John was UNIT's Sgt Benton. 

APRIL 2022 
Guest Update:
We're delighted to welcome Jon Davey to Regenerations. Jon has portayed a range of characters  in Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures, including Daleks, Cybermen, UNIT soldiers, Judoon and now a Sea Devil in Easter's special 'Legend of the Sea Devils'.   

Guest Update: It's our pleasure to announce two first-timers for Regenerations, Graham Cole and Jeff Cummins. Graham is probably best known for playing PC Tony Stamp for over 20 years in ITV's 'The Bill', but also has several Doctor Who roles to his name in the early 80s, from a Marshman in 'Full Circle' and a Cyberman ('Earthshock' and 'The Five Doctors') to Melkur in 'The Keeper of Traken' and a Jacondan in 'The Twin Dilemma'. Jeff has been an illustrator, designer and art director for nearly 50 years, his work ranging from album covers (Paul McCartney, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake), books and magazines (including covers for Radio Times) to packaging design. He also illustrated numerous covers for the Target and New Adventures Doctor Who novels.

MARCH 2022

Guest Update: We're delighted to welcome the Valeyard himself, Michael Jayston to Regenerations Michael's many TV and fim credits range from comedy in A Bit Of A Do, thriller in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, costume drama in Jane Eyre and sci-fi in UFO. 

Guest Update: It's our pleasure to welcome Regenerations regular Colin Spaull. Colin is one of those rare actors who've appeared in both classic and new Who, as Lilt in Revelation of the Daleks and Mr Crane in Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel. We're also delighted to welcome Frances Barber, who memorably portrayed Madame Kovarian in Matt Smith's 2011 season.   

Guest/Event Update: Our interviewers are lined up and ready! Regenerations regular David Bickerstaff is on the team and will be joined by writer/director/producer Ryan Hendrick and from 'The Bells of St John' actor Sean Knopp (who will also be appearing as a guest)


Guest Update: Happy New Year, and we're delighted to welcome sixth Doctor Colin Baker to Regenerations once more.JANUARY 2022 Guest Update: Happy New Year, and we're delighted to welcome sixth Doctor Colin Baker to Regenerations once more.


Guest Update: Excellent! It's our pleasure to announce the Cyber Leader himself, David Banks, will be joining us at Regenerations. David played the Cyber Leader from the Peter Davison era through to 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy, and also portrayed The Doctor on stage during two performances of The Ultimate Adventure when Jon Pertwee was ill. We're also delighted to welcome Sophie Aldred (7th Doctor companion Ace). Sophie recently reprised the role as an older Ace in a trailer for the Season 26 Blu Ray box set and last year wrote the novel 'Doctor Who: At Childhood's End.'

Guest Update: We're delighted to welcome three companions and a Sontaran! Regenerations regular Anneke Wills (1st and 2nd Doctor companion Polly) returns, and will be joined by Peter Purves (1st Doctor companion Steven Taylor) and Wendy Padbury (2nd Doctor companion Zoe). Bringing us right up to date we have Scottish actor/writer Jonathan Watson, fresh from playing three Sontarans (Stenck, Skaak and Ritskaw) in four episodes of Flux.

And there's more! It's our pleasure to announce we'll be joined by seventh Doctor (and Hobbit wizard Radagast the Brown) Sylvester McCoy, 2nd Doctor companion Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon) and Davros himself, Terry Molloy.

Event Update: Regenerations 2023 launches! We return to the Village Hotel, Swansea on the 23rd to 24th September 2023. News of our first guests to follow soon.

















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